Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The feeling I had deep within me-unending misery
The thoughtt of looking at myself in da mirror disgusted me
I walked out in half strides draggin ma motions
Ma heart soaked burdened by heart-stab emotions
The nyt waz a transfiguration of wat i felt insyd
A big heavy dark cloud roamed da sky in utmost arrogance
It looked @ me with disgust n growled mockingly
The moon n the stars betrayably went away frm da scenario
And left me @ da mercy of the dark bully of a cloud
As if spittin @ me,it oozed out a thick shower of rain
I could feel it taunting me with humiliatory growls
At that moment i felt worth nothing
So i let the rain pour down on dis self pitying being
I could feel my eyes swell up with a gallon of tears anxious 2 drain out
Holding them bak was pointless as they raced down my face
'Big boys dnt cry...'i tried to regain composure
'....bt i cry wen its rainin so dat i cn hide away ma tears in da raindrops as they pour'
The street lights flickered as i walked half staggerin along the rain soaked street
I could feel the trees n the roadside bushes sneer @ ma presence
So i walked with ma face down to the ground wid a sad song 2 my nem
I felt faint 4 a moment n ma body went weak
Ma limbs wa strengthless n i fell on ma knees
I tried to pull maself up but it was ol futile
Then i glanced ahead wid ma vision blurred n saw a lone figure approach my side
She held ma hand n guided me up 2 my feet
I felt a strange warmth run up ma whole body
She put ha umbrella ova me n looked in2 my eyes
I could tell that she could tell da sadness in me
She could see ma tears amidst tha raindrops
Bt wat i felt couldnt b hidden n she saw this
I felt embarased n turned to walk away
Bt she grasped my hand n pulled me in 2 an embrace
'Its gonna b ok...'she wispered to me
I could fil ha passion rise within me str8 2 ma soul
She dropped the umbrella and in ha arms the rain disappeard
I felt ha hand on ma cheek n i felt whole agen
I felt serene and a sense dat sum1 cared for me
Even though it was just for a moment...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teardrops Of The Stars

She looked down and blushed then set her eyes on me
I could see her eyes twinkle as they dilated in ecstasy
Tension was building up n i could feel her rising warmth
So i gulped for breath secretly trying to regain my composure
I plucked down the strings of my guitar in an effort to break down the tension
But the melody just added to my dilemma
My mind was saying no but ma body was panting yes
Everything was going as i was afraid it would
I didn't mean to but clearly I had her in mood
I could see the desire portrayed from her eyes
It all transfigured with her hand rubbing on my thighs
I knew she was about to let me into her heart
I knew i was about to break her tender heart
I felt her warm breath break through the cold breeze
She was for sure going to whisper it into my ear
'I love you,and for you am always going to be here'
Moment o silence engulfed the cricket creeks n the whistling of the trees
How am i gonna be honest,how do i say this?
How do i say i don't feel the same without making you shed a tear?
The stars are our only witnesess here tonight
Wait a minute, it just started to drizzle
My geuss,teardrops of the stars
Moment o silence...