Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The feeling I had deep within me-unending misery
The thoughtt of looking at myself in da mirror disgusted me
I walked out in half strides draggin ma motions
Ma heart soaked burdened by heart-stab emotions
The nyt waz a transfiguration of wat i felt insyd
A big heavy dark cloud roamed da sky in utmost arrogance
It looked @ me with disgust n growled mockingly
The moon n the stars betrayably went away frm da scenario
And left me @ da mercy of the dark bully of a cloud
As if spittin @ me,it oozed out a thick shower of rain
I could feel it taunting me with humiliatory growls
At that moment i felt worth nothing
So i let the rain pour down on dis self pitying being
I could feel my eyes swell up with a gallon of tears anxious 2 drain out
Holding them bak was pointless as they raced down my face
'Big boys dnt cry...'i tried to regain composure
'....bt i cry wen its rainin so dat i cn hide away ma tears in da raindrops as they pour'
The street lights flickered as i walked half staggerin along the rain soaked street
I could feel the trees n the roadside bushes sneer @ ma presence
So i walked with ma face down to the ground wid a sad song 2 my nem
I felt faint 4 a moment n ma body went weak
Ma limbs wa strengthless n i fell on ma knees
I tried to pull maself up but it was ol futile
Then i glanced ahead wid ma vision blurred n saw a lone figure approach my side
She held ma hand n guided me up 2 my feet
I felt a strange warmth run up ma whole body
She put ha umbrella ova me n looked in2 my eyes
I could tell that she could tell da sadness in me
She could see ma tears amidst tha raindrops
Bt wat i felt couldnt b hidden n she saw this
I felt embarased n turned to walk away
Bt she grasped my hand n pulled me in 2 an embrace
'Its gonna b ok...'she wispered to me
I could fil ha passion rise within me str8 2 ma soul
She dropped the umbrella and in ha arms the rain disappeard
I felt ha hand on ma cheek n i felt whole agen
I felt serene and a sense dat sum1 cared for me
Even though it was just for a moment...

1 comment:

  1. Th poem is artistic,I like th way you develop th visual concepts n gradualy transfrmin th poem to a fine tuned conclusion... Such a beautful piece o' art